An analysis of the size (by number of employees) compared to the relative size distribution of companies shows that the percentage of additional small stakeholders increased in percentage  between 2009 and 2019. The combined percentage of medium to XXL has also increased. The subdivision for the size of holdings was defined as follows:

XS: <11 employees  –  S: 11-50 employees. –  M: 51-100 employees. – L: 101-500 employees  –  XL: 501-1000 employees  –  XXL: >1000 employees

These observations point to a favourable business climate for start-up cleantech companies and a robust, competitive market that enables growth.

This is also confirmed by an analysis of changes in the legal status of stakeholders in the 2019 cleantech population. Only 4 of these stakeholders filed for bankruptcy in 2020. These bankruptcy filings all occurred before April 2020. Although a moratorium was in place between 18 March and 17 June to protect companies, no new bankruptcies have been filed for any of the other cleantech stakeholders in the 2019 cleantech population until November 1st, 2020.



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