Three cluster projects further explained

Reuse of PVC reinforced with additives
PVC is a widely used plastic, used in domestic applications such as window profiles and luxury vinyl tiles. Today, the post-consumer quality of recycled PVC waste remains poor compared to that of virgin PVC, thus limiting its potential. The sustainable solution? Adding high-performance additives during the recycling process to bring post-consumer PVC up to the level of virgin PVC. The Catalisti project PoCoPAdd aims to investigate these additives and increase the recycling and re-use of PVC in new high-performance products. The project, supported by VLAIO, is a collaboration between Beaulieu, Deceuninck, Kaneka, Oleon, and KU Leuven.

Post-Consumer PVC                   Enhanced PV integrated Concentrated Solar Power system  

The HappyCliMi project of spearhead cluster Flanders’FOOD aims to meet the reduction targets for methane emissions by adapting feeding strategies for dairy cattle. More specifically, the use of rapeseed meal and beer draff in the feed will be tested in practice and the underlying digestive mechanism will be investigated. New raw materials will also be screened for their methane-reducing potential. This project is a collaboration between the Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research, Ghent University, Innovation Support Centre and Flanders’FOOD, with the support of VLAIO.

Improved PV integrated system for concentrated solar power
Both PV and concentrated PV are well-known technologies for generating electricity and heat from sunlight. The combination of these technologies offers the possibility to harness more energy from the sun. The incoming light is partly reflected by a mirror and partly collected by the solar cell behind the mirror. The research within this intercluster project focuses on the right solar cells, the most optimal coatings and encapsulation, and the most suitable integration technology. At the end of the project, a proof of concept will be demonstrated for at least 6 months at Thor Park in Genk. This intercluster project is a partnership between FLUX50 and Catalisti and is supported by VLAIO. The partners in the project are Azteq, Borealis, Laborelec, Soltech, IMEC, KU Leuven and VITO.



Annie Renders
Head of Unit Clusterpolicy at Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Struijk Corien
Advisor Cluster Policy at Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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