Cleantech Heroes boost cleantech innovation

An increasing number of companies and organisations are endorsing the demand for sustainability. However, the cleantech solutions they develop still too often remain under the radar. We at Cleantech Flanders want to change this, which is why we started a new initiative this year, the Cleantech Flanders Heroes.

Four times a year, we award a cleantech company that is committed to a more sustainable world the title of Cleantech Hero. Whoever wins the award will not only be allowed to wear the title for a year, but will also be able to present their innovation at G-STIC 2021, an international sustainability conference taking place in Dubai. In addition, the winner will receive a 2-minute corporate documentary that can be used for their promotion. The winner can also count on extra promotion through our communication channels.

Every quarter, we elect one Cleantech Hero, each time in a specific cleantech domain. This year, we will start with water technology, followed by circular economy, energy and mobility. The announcement of the first Cleantech Hero Water Technology will take place on 31 March.

In anticipation of the announcement, we zoom in briefly on the three finalists competing for the first Cleantech Hero title.

Bosaq delivers innovative technology for decentralised drinking water treatment solutions. Its main features are easy installation (plug & play), low maintenance, sustainable operation (no supply of chemicals), quality assurance through sensors, modular design and sustainable energy consumption. The systems can convert all types of ambient water into drinking water, making them an attractive option for providing decentralised drinking water in remote areas.

Hydrovolta is developing desalination methods based on the SonixED technology developed and patented by the company. This increases the efficiency of desalination by 60% compared to conventional methods. The technology also significantly reduces the environmental impact of desalination, the use of chemicals and the production of plastic waste.

Inopsys develops technology for the treatment of aqueous by-products from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In the process, toxic organic components, active pharmaceutical ingredients, metals, surfactants and endocrine disruptors are removed. With its installations, the company transforms a linear destruction process into a circular and sustainable reprocessing, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions, water purification and the recovery of raw materials.

Companies and organisations can nominate themselves for the title of Cleantech Hero, but can also be nominated. Taking part is free. More information can be found here.


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